How to Cut, Package & Ship Your Raw Hair

If your hair is still on your head when you sell, you’ll need to secure, cut and package for shipping.

If you hair is not cut yet, the buyer may have specific instructions on how they need the hair cut. For example, they may wish to have the hair braided before being cut. Otherwise please follow the instructions below:

If cutting just one ponytail secure both ends tightly (top and bottom) using a hair band. Depending on the length you may wish to add further hair bands to the middle sections (as demonstrated in the images below). The hair can now be cut and should be stored in a sealed bag as soon as possible, to avoid any external dust or contaminants getting in. 

For shipping we recommend putting the bagged hair into a further padded mailer. Always put a return address on your packages, use a recorded and insured delivery method. If you need to find a courier for posting abroad we recommend: Parcel Compare and Parcel Hero

You can find the shipping address in your order email and PayPal account. We recommend printing the shipping address label from within your PayPal account.

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