Shipping & Delivery Information

Shipping Information for Buyers

To keep buying and selling simple, and ensure quality shipping/postal methods are used, a default flat rate of $25 is added to most items for sale individually. 

In most cases shipping to Europe and America is $25, however some sellers may offer free shipping as an option. You can always message the seller in advance using the contact form on the product page.

Shipping to Asia or Africa may not always be available automatically. If you can’t checkout, you’ll need to message the seller and request them to allow shipping to your location using the contact form on the product page.  


Import Duties & Tax

Buyers need to be aware there may be import duties depending on where the hair item or product is shipped from. Buyers are responsible for import duties and tax.

You may find the following resource useful when calculating or checking any import duties or taxes:


Shipping Information for Sellers

For shipping information for sellers please see:

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