Selling Guide: Shipping Settings & How to Ship

The following guide is for sellers, if you are a buyer looking for shipping information see: Shipping & Delivery Information for Buyers


Basic Shipping Settings For Sellers

If you’re selling an item that requires shipping you must be prepared to send internationally. You can sell from any world location as long as you can accept payment through PayPal and can send the item using a recorded and insured delivery method.


All items have $25 delivery charge added on to help cover international shipping to Europe and America. If you wish to offer free shipping you can add this to a continent (by selecting the region) or specific country (by selecting region and then restricting to a country) here:


Advanced Shipping Setup For Sellers

By default you can ship from, but not to Africa and Asia. If you wish to enable shipping to these continents or specific countries within you can do so here by selecting the appropriate shipping zone:

You can also add/ship to any country you choose, along with setting a shipping schedule here: but be aware these will not override any shipping methods for the same country set in:

How to Ship/Send my hair to the buyer?

You must ship the item using an insured and signed for courier/shipping method. Failure to use a recorded delivery method could result in the buyer not receiving, or requesting a refund, for which you will be liable without proof of shipping. Add a return address your parcels incase they need to be returned to sender.

You will find the shipping address on the order email you receive when a purchase has been made. Use a recorded delivery method and we recommend taking photos of the item and packaging. You may find the following resources useful when choosing shipping:
For guidance on how to cut and package raw hair for shipping please see:

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