Scammers & Fraudulent Sales – Please Read

In order to reassure buyers and warn anybody thinking of abusing the HairSellOff system.

While most sellers are good, honest people, unfortunately in the online world fraudulent users AND scammers exist. 

There were three attempts in 2020 to defraud buyers. In each case the buyer has been refunded and the scammer has been left paying fees and a chargeback fee.

HairsellOff employs a number of measures that help make it the safest worldwide hair marketplace on the web (which is why buyers must not attempt to complete a purchase outside the website). Furthermore, any buyer who attempts purchasing in this manner will be banned.


We recorded the three cases from last year as a warning to any fraudulent buyers or sellers. It simply will not work on HairSellOFF, you will be banned and fined by PayPal. 

Attempt One: The money was fully refunded to the buyer. The seller incurred a chargeback and PayPal fees totalling over $50. The seller lost $50 trying to scam a buyer and is now banned from the biggest online hair marketplaces.

Case Two:  Buyer fully refunded. HairSelloff kept commission from the seller. The seller was charged fees and a chargeback leaving them with a total loss of $159 plus the time put into the failed attempt.

Case Three: Scammer advertised false hair at $620 which PayPal invoked a full refund on, and took fees and conversion rates from. HairSellOff charged the scammer in the usual way. This fraudulent seller lost $112.

It is frustrating for buyers to have their time wasted, but the cost to fraudulent scammer sellers is far more!

What to do if you are concerned about a sale?

Get in touch with us as soon as you can with your purchase order number: Get in touch now

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