How to Buy Hair or Hair Products on HairSellOff

If you are a buyer looking for raw hair, hair extensions, or hair products/accessories this guide will explain how to buy, and the rules to buying. Remember HairSellOff is a marketplace with sellers from all over the world, we don’t personally sell any items ourselves

You will need to have an account in order to make purchases. If you don’t have one don’t worry you will be prompted at checkout to create one.

1. Begin your search from our main shop page, or head to the category you are interested in using the links in section 5.

2. Add an item to your basket using the basket icon next to items and on individual item pages. Remember items are located and sent from all over the world, make sure you’re happy with where the item is located.

3.Once added to your basket head to the checkout where you’ll be able to pay through PayPal. Make sure you’re delivery address and phone number details are correct. Remember you don’t need a PayPal account you can pay with just your debit/credit card.

4.You’ll receive a confirmation email for your order, and the seller will ship to the address you provided. If you have any post purchase issues contact the seller directly. 

5. Important: Never attempt to pay or complete a purchase outside of HairSellOff. A seller should never have to provide their PayPal address or payment information. If they do please report them to us,

If you know what you’re looking for the following category pages may be useful:

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