World Wide Hair Trade

HairSellOff is a global marketplace where people from all around the world can buy and sell hair safely. We operate in over 200 countries!

We connect and work within different continents across the globe including the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific’s enabling people to buy and sell hair domestically and internationally.

With this in mind buyers need to be aware there may be import duties or taxes depending on where the hair item or product is shipped from. Buyers are responsible for import duties and tax.

You may find the following resource useful when calculating or checking any import duties or taxes:

Prices and payments are shown in USD ($), however when checking out PayPal will automatically allow you to pay in any currency.

If you are selling you need to enable USD in your PayPal account to allow you to accept payments in USD, otherwise buyers may not be able to check out.

Shipping Information

For shipping information please see: Shipping Information for Buyers & Sellers

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